Sod is defined as grass and part of the soil below it that is held together by the roots or a material that could also have been modified to serve that purpose. Installing sod is the best solution for one to ensure they have a beautiful lawn which doesn’t require much attention for upkeep. It is the ideal thing to do to a lawn that doesn’t seem to be growing grass. Deciding on the right time to install the sod is a tricky affair especially if you don’t have a clue about its installation. This write up is going to highlight some of the factors to consider when installing sod. Click on this link for more details:

The moisture content in the soil is an important factor to consider when installing sod. It is not true to say that cod can be installed at any time of the year. Sod installation requires a high content of moisture to be present in the soil for it is properly installed without requiring much attention. Installing sod on dry weather will require high maintenance and care for it by ensuring you diligently water it because there is less moisture in the soil with that type of weather. Installing it during the rainy season is a good idea because the level of moisture in the soil will be high giving it a favorable environment. 

Environmental temperature is key when installing sod. When it is laid when temperatures are high, it risks being overheated by the heat from the ground if it doesn’t get water almost immediately after being laid on the ground. Similarly, it is also not advisable to install sod on a very cold day because low temperatures will make it hard for the roots to form. When it is laid during the spring, it is advisable to ensure the ground is not frozen and ensure temperature levels will remain above the freezing point to allow rooting of the sod. When temperatures are low like in the winter, do not install it when the temperature is at freezing point. You can find out more on sod installation at
Finally, plan for the sod installation accordingly and ensure everything has been put into the right place to ensure it will grow. When you planning to install sod, do not leave it unattended, it is delicate and hence requires close attention for the roots to develop when it has just been installed. Ideally, you cannot install sod and go for a vacation and expect it to do well, that will not happen. If you must leave when you have installed sod, ensure you have someone watching and watering it to create the right environment for it to develop. It is ideal to plan for post-sod installation maintenance. Click on this link for more details:
Factors to Consider When Installing Sod